TVET Learning Management System

Posted By matt rifaldi


Educational institutions around the world are increasingly aware of their need for a robust learning management system that can enhance the learning experience for students, and simplify instruction and content distribution for teachers and instructors. K-12, universities, polytechnic and technical/vocational schools alike need a solid information architecture to manage learning both on and off campus allowing students and teachers to access the content they need.


This has been complicated by the vast array of LMS options on the market, as well as the rise in adoption of open source technologies as an alternative to proprietary, licensed platforms. Schools find themselves needing more than just a supplier of these technologies, but an advisor that can steer them in the right direction with a lasting solution.


What is the Labtech Learning Management System? 

The Labtech LMS is a comprehensive Learning Platform designed to enrich TVET courses by embedding digital content and assessments into traditional teaching and learning. A full suite of content creation tools is included to enable instructors and educational designers to enhance their courses with customized digital content. Scheduling, communication, and web 2.0 tools allow many options for students and instructors to meet the diverse needs of learners in the 21st Century. Blended learning curriculum and content for Labtech’s TVET equipment is also available for use with the Labtech LMS.


Content Delivery & Curriculum Building

The Labtech LMS incorporates many instructor friendly features which allow students to learn what needs to be emphasized. Instructors are able to design their own curriculum, modify Labtech content, and import SCORM compliant modules for students to view. Instructors have complete control over content, assessment and grading scales. The Labtech LMS content delivery system tracks individual students’ progress as they are guided through technology rich curriculum, which enhances 21st Century Skill competency, in addition to ensuring students meet the required learning outcomes of the course. Since the Labtech LMS is web-based and accessible through multiple devices, it supports the latest learning models such as ‘flipping the classroom’ and ‘anytime anywhere’ learning. This value-add enables institutions to create the most valuable learning opportunities possible and to maximize student capacity for independent learning.


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